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12:06am October 22, 2014

"You r u i n e d a child’s feet, threatened her to develop a weapon…
       ”… Children are not their parent’s tools!”

12:04am October 22, 2014

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Ask the red nipple

11:46pm October 21, 2014



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He lightly frowned at the sweet gestures she made—the little kisses to his cheek proving a mild nuisance to him. But nevertheless, he was defenseless in this vulnerable state, and even this caused him lower lip to quiver, and his flesh ran hot still as she laid a hand upon his chest.
"And you’re not?" he retorted snappily, a light smirk playing upon his lips, "You’re flushing worse than a virginal bride, and you’ve hardly even been touched…"
Red Death took up her hand in his, gradually bringing her fingertips closer to his lips until his kissed upon them lightly.
"Makes me wonder how much it takes to make you scream…"
Grell drew her fingertips past his lips suddenly, lightly sucking on them as he tossed her a teasing gaze.

10:59pm October 21, 2014


William raised his eyebrows at that comment. What a peculiar boy Grell was, saying odd things like that all the time as if they were the most normal and obvious on Earth.

"If anything, you would rather be a prince, don’t you think?" he asked, allowing himself a small chuckle.

He wasn’t even surprised as the other started to undress. Tastefully looking slightly away, and continued talking “You’re so shameless, if my mother saw you, she would threw a fit. Then she would give you a lesson on how a young boy should behave.” he glanced back at him, expecting Grell to laugh at him saying that, but instead he saw him flinching in pain.

His eyes briefly caught a glimpse of something on his arm, and he stepped closer, not ashamed for looking anymore.

"What is that?" he asked with concern, "Grell…? Are you hurt, what happened? Do you need a doctor?"

Nothing,” he said rather sharply as he wrapped his arms in the fabric of the dress, still grimacing at the friction against his scarred skin. And with a rather pointed look, he began to dress himself once more, his piercing gaze disappearing behind the silken fabric for a moment, before reappearing shortly after a little tuft of red hair poked out of the neckline.

The dress hung loose around his chest, causing the boy to frown in slight, until his was soon distracted by a lovely headpiece of black and gold that tied beneath the chin with a silken, black ribbon. How smooth it was against Grell’s skin—like the gentle brushing of an evening wind against him.

When he thought he had finished, and began to pose, he spotted suddenly there, abandoned upon the floor, a small black fan, woven of the finest venetian lace.

How dare someone leave you here!

He drew it up, a grin overcoming him as he slowly revealed the patterns betwixt the folds, his eyes dazzled by its haunting beauty.

The boy held it before him then, with a careful positioning of his arms to face his wounds towards himself, he began to hide his face, revealing only his eyes, blue as the daylight sky, and stark blue against the black lace that he began to slowly, delicately fan towards himself.

"What do you think?" he asked softly—a strange, demure air coming over the usually emphatic ginger boy.

10:41pm October 21, 2014

psa. i am an agonizingly slow roleplayer — my muses are fickle and some days all i can manage is chat threads or shenanigans. other days i can pump out longer threads like no one’s business. if it takes me awhile on your thread it has nothing to do with you as a writer or me losing my muse for the thread. never hesitate to ask for my skype for in between threads for chatting and plotting and fun.

10:38pm October 21, 2014

maybe someday I’ll do more than .5 replies a day

10:22pm October 21, 2014





Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists

by  Valeriya Kutsan

If this isn’t the tightest shit you’ve seen then get the hell out of my face.

I’ve reblogged this before, so I’m doing it again.

I love these

10:18pm October 21, 2014




Remember when everyone photoshopped Thomas’s head onto random animals and inanimate objects

Remember Slender Thomas


Slender Thomas was perfection


9:49pm October 21, 2014

My muse shows up at your muses doorstep in the middle of the night. Without saying a thing, they collapse into your muse’s arms. Put your muse’s reaction in my ask box.

9:45pm October 21, 2014
  • my roommate is a baby so i’m gonna pull scary pranks on them au
  • we marathoned horror movies and now i don’t wanna sleep alone au
  • let’s sneak into this haunted place together au
  • you work at a haunted house and i’m out having a cigarette when you’re coming back to the apartment building in your costume au
  • you brought your younger sibling to trick or treat at my house and i accidentally scared them so bad they cried au
  • wow your costume is really tiny and it’s really cold here take my jacket au
  • omg i spilled my drink on your costume let’s break into a halloween store and get you a new one au