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asktheredreaper asked:

Well hello~!




⊰✍⊱ The supervisor sighed heavily and proceeded with his paperwork. “Is there anything you need Sutcliff?


"But that’s boring!" he yawned, settling onto his friend’s lap further, and he began to absently fiddle with the man’s tie, "Come now, you know perfectly well I don’t work!

⊰✍⊱ “I warned you once don’t touch me or anything on me or this calls for harassment.” William yanked his tie from the redheads hand and pushed him away from his presence. “Is it boring? You always wonder why you have overtime—this is why you have it. If it’s not completed you will find you are having overtime this weekend.”

Grell rolled his eyes, “honestly, you’re like an automation!” he groaned, “I love you dearly, my friend, but I wonder about what goes on in that darling little head of yours…”
He frowned at the man for a moment, “if you’d truly like to know why I’m here, it was to ask you to accompany me to a play down on Drury Lane…” he muttered, “I’ve two tickets, if you’re interested.”
Quite frankly, Grell had been rather lonely when attending plays as late.
Eric and Ronald could not possibly sit still through one, and Alan, the red reaper felt, was frankly afraid of him.
And the Undertaker…well Grell was not entirely keen on sitting with that man in the dark for a prolonged period of time…
"So…?" he asked, leaning a bit on William’s shoulder, "what do you say?"








So, this half black/white kid got a tattoo of the Oreo barcode on his wrist

Why does it matter matter that this guy is mixed race!? You could of just written, “This kid”. Like his fucking skin colour matters! Cunt.

His bi-racial ethnicity is probably the point of the Oreo tattoo joke, cunt.


imagine this kid working as a cashierand this one customer is pissing them offso they just casually swipe their tattoo under the scannerafter every itemand later the customer is just likeI DONT REMEMBER BUYING FIFTY CASES OF OREOS. (via)

whenever someone asks me what tumblr is, i will show them this post

annotatingarchangels asked:

"I believe it only makes sense," Thomas said. "Though you can understand why she isn't quite.... ready to forgive you just yet."







"I suppose," he shrugged. He had been detached from normal human emotions for so long, and yet he had felt love within that time.

But not empathy.

And still he wasn’t sure if he did now.

He didn’t care for Ms. Mary Jane Kelly, and perhaps he never would.

But for Thomas’s sake…

"So, do you suppose a scented candle would do her any good?" he asked in a teasing manner.

Thomas chuckled. “You won’t rest until I agree, huh?”

He nodded his head.

"I think she’d love one. Perhaps roses, she loves roses, white ones most of all."

Not red.

Never red.

"Then it shall be done!" he cheered, "You know, roses are my favourite as well…"

It was his favourite flower.


"How funny that is…"

"Are they now?" Thomas asked, honestly not surprised in the slightest. Of course Grell would love roses.

"White or red? Or perhaps yellow?"

Listen to him.

Asking the grim reaper what kind of rose he likes best.

"What do you think?" he rolled his eyes at the boy, before he quietly chuckled, "I like red the most, but honestly any rose smells as sweet in any colour."

Pink was a fine colour, and most English Roses were of that variety.

But there was something distinct about the colour red.

Something not able to be captured.

Of course.


"I suppose that was a dumb question," Thomas said. "And I always preferred daisies."

They were so pretty.

"Perhaps we could go and find some flowers!" He suggested. "Although… I can’t purchase anything…"

It was funny that the Thomas preferred daisies. He always reminded Grell of one, the way his face seemed to brighten up when he smiled.

He really was rather like a cheery daisy.

"Flower picking, then?" he grinned in amusement, "Haven’t done that since I was a boy!"

Mun Rant


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