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Will ordered his dessert and within no time was digging into it, “…I don’t really like plays…maybe something else”, he murmured, finishing up and then paid for their meals before he stood up.

"Maybe we could go to the park or something….", he suggested, something about Grell’s change in body language told him that going to the theatre was a bad idea….they already had enough drama for the evening.

"Ah yes, a stroll in the park would’ve lovely!" Grell piped up, "catching a good, fresh breath of air, perhaps quoting a bit of Shakespeare—"
Grell had to stop and stare at William as he are his dessert. The sight of it was most amusing. He devoured it, attacking it with all the gusto he could muster, and he held up his hand to his lips to hold in a gentle titter, though the burbling song did escape so slightly.




For a moment or so, the stoic reaper looked thoughtful but nodded, “Sure, a night out dancing sounds lovely…”, he replied before having a swing of wine to wash his meal down, “…but after dessert, I need something sweet as well”.

A smile flickered quickly upon the ginger’s face. It was interesting to get to know this stoical young man, and his sweet tooth.
"Perhaps a bit of pudding, or maybe a fruit tart?" He suggested, "and to the pubs we go tonight! Oh, the men you meet around here!" He sighed dreamily, "well, quite a few of them are nothing more than cads, but I know how to spot out the good ones, so don’t you worry, darling!" he winked once, "but you better watch out, as I’m a cad as well!"
He giggled girlishly, and half wondered if Will would have him.
Perhaps not, he had a girlfriend…
The young reaper forced thoughts away from his mind, though outwardly he simply wore a slimy smirk.
Grell did not fancy William.
Not at all.
And that was certain!

"Hm….both", he replied gently, looking around curiously, "…have you eaten enough, Sutcliff?", he asked gently.

He wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to be getting drunk with Sutcliff or go around with him but he didn’t want to upset the lad after the incident at the graveyard. 

"Hmm?" he replied, slightly unfocused, "oh yes, I’m not entirely too hungry anyway," he shrugged casually, "you want to order dessert then for yourself and we shall sojourn on to wherever two young fellows could in this town?"
Perhaps a theatre?
Grell shivered at the thought suddenly—he’s been to Drury Lane’s theatre many a time posthumously, and still he shivered at the thought of this place.
He knew ever nook, every corner and cranny.
It was home.
And his body lie there still, very much like the one he resided in post-mortem.
He was not even seventeen years old.
He was young.
So very young.
"What shall we do? Catch a play perhaps?" he asked, casually still.


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Which -dere do you think I am?


Tsundere - Hostile outside, loving on the inside

Yandere - Sweet outside, obsessive and psychoic inside

Kuudere - Silent/cool, turns loving afterwards

Dandere - Usually quiet until the right person comes along

Kamidere - Just like tsundere but has a god-like complex

Dorodere - Sweet outside, messed up and disturbed inside

Deredere - Loving and affectionate

Himedere- Just like tsundere, but princess-like

asktheredreaper asked:

you know much about black butler? (this is a very thinly disguised rp request ^_^)






No, and why do you smile like that? You lookin’ for a fight? It pisses me off!!

Berga, calm down.

( Then you see the rp blog -3-/  rp all the time there)

Did you literally draw this right now?! I am quite touched

"Don’t talk to me like ya know me- Ya don’t!" the middle Gandor snarled, glaring venomously at the red haired, fellow.

Luck on the other hand though was not really bothered by him, though he dully noted the sharp teeth that was encased in this character’s lips.

"Why on earth would I dare to talk to a gentleman as crass as yourself?" he sniffed haughtily, "listen, boy, if you start to get rather funny with me, I won’t hesitate to rip your heart out…" Red Death growled, "and trust me, I’ll make you like it…" his fists clenching along with his delicately built jaw.
Something about this man, perhaps his tone, surely did make Grell’s blood boil.

"Ehhh? Why I oughtta-"

"Berga-bro," the gentleman with the hair flip piped in casually, "It isn’t nice to be rude to strangers you just met." His arms were to his sides, hands in pockets, his face showed no particular emotion, calculated-but otherwise not seemingly affected by the character’s threats.

"Thank you," Grell replied in a calmer tone, liking this gentleman much more than than the other.
Though truly, he had business concerning these gentlemen, the Gandors.
He hated abroad missions, but alas, William enjoyed torturing him so. He tried to tell the bastard that he was too old for this anymore, perhaps send Ronald. But then again, Grell hadn’t aged much at all since the 19th century, and neither had Ronald—unfortunately…
Nevertheless, these Gandors wouldn’t die.
And Red Death had to find out why.

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